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Welcome to the Inspiration and Gratitude Shop and community. We share all things inspiration and gratitude with the world. The world needs more joy, hope, inspiration and hearts full of gratitude. We hope you join us, help us make a difference in one's life as we share, celebrate, enlighten and inspire others all over the world. Together we can help make someone's day a little better and brighter.

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Let's share, celebrate and inspire the world.
Together we can hopefully help make a difference,
and someones day a little better, and brighter.

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Prayer is so powerful. I love the power of positive thinking, prayer and saying the rosary. I'm a mom of a young child, breast cancer survivor, and an adoptee who could not make it in this life without the love of my God and the power of prayer. God is so good. Enjoy life moments and make good family memories. Visit me at Faith Love Grace and Life By Teresa.

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